2015 October Meeting

Exploring Handwriting

Saturday, October 10

9:30 AM

at Mystic Blue Signs

2212 Magazine St.

New Orleans, LA

You should bring:

  • pencil, ruler, eraser, a bottle of ink
  • a dozen sheets of paper: smooth enough not to inhibit pointed pen motion
  • pens:
  • 1.  a flexible pointed pen nib with penholder
  • 2.  a dip pen with a small chisel edge like a Brause 3/4mm or 1mm or a Speedball C5
  • 3.  a chisel marker size 2mm
  • 4.  a finepoint felt-tip marker like a Pigma Micron #1, #2, or #5

The idea is to have a range of tools available so we can find the one that gives you the most self-expression for your particular handwriting. We will examine the various characteristics of handwriting like weight, slant, etc, to see how you can choose to affect the way your penmanship looks.

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