NOLAA meeting – November 14, 2015

Blackletter Workshop

*Please Note:   New Location We will meet at the North Kenner branch of the library at 630 West Esplanade at 9:30am

November’s meeting will be a hands-on study of blackletter led by Vince Mitchell and Yvette Rutledge of Mystic Blue Signs. We will begin by making the basic forms of this constructed alphabet, then we will follow the video of Reggie Ezell’s version of the same alphabet, step by step. We will use black ink as well as mixing colored gouache and watercolor for use in pens.

blackletterMaterials:   For lettering,  you should bring
 *a broad-edged pen of of your choice:
  a parallel pen size 3.8mm or
  a dip pen like Speedball C1 or Brause #5
  (with bottled ink like Higgins Eternal) or
  a chisel-edge marker 3.5 mm
 *pencil, eraser, ruler, water jar, paper
 *practice paper–something heavy enough
  that the ink doesn’t bleed through
For working with colored gouache or watercolor,  please bring
 *a mixing tray, a small brush, a tube of
  watercolor or gouache paint.
  You will need to use a dip pen with this

 **Knowing the fundamentals of blackletter will be helpful at our spring 2016 workshop with Irish calligrapher Denis Brown, who will spend two of the four days he is in town showing us a cursive form of blackletter. (See the previous post “Save the Dates” below for more info)

Note: In 2017, Reggie Ezell will be teaching a year-long workshop for NOLAA where we meet for a weekend every two months. The workshop will cover many advanced techniques.  Our November meeting is a good opportunity to preview his teaching style.

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Save the Dates

     Mark your calendars for an unsurpassed opportunity to study                with lettering artist, Denis Brown.

From April 15 to April 19, 2016, Mr. Brown will conduct two workshops in New Orleans.

Half Uncial will be featured April 15 & 16.  This is an introduction to the Celtic hand that is seen in Irish manuscripts such as the Book of Kells.


On April 17 we will begin the topic of Gothic Scripts.  The workshop will continue on the following two evenings, April 18 & 19.


Cost per workshop is $200 for NOLAA members and $225 for non-members.

If you are taking both workshops the cost is $350 for NOLAA members and $375 for non-members.

NOLAA is extremely excited to host Denis Brown and hopes that you will be able to join us.

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2015 October Meeting

Exploring Handwriting

Saturday, October 10

9:30 AM

at Mystic Blue Signs

2212 Magazine St.

New Orleans, LA

You should bring:

  • pencil, ruler, eraser, a bottle of ink
  • a dozen sheets of paper: smooth enough not to inhibit pointed pen motion
  • pens:
  • 1.  a flexible pointed pen nib with penholder
  • 2.  a dip pen with a small chisel edge like a Brause 3/4mm or 1mm or a Speedball C5
  • 3.  a chisel marker size 2mm
  • 4.  a finepoint felt-tip marker like a Pigma Micron #1, #2, or #5

The idea is to have a range of tools available so we can find the one that gives you the most self-expression for your particular handwriting. We will examine the various characteristics of handwriting like weight, slant, etc, to see how you can choose to affect the way your penmanship looks.

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NOLAA Calligraphy Exhibit

   The NOLAA Calligraphy Exhibit is fast approaching but it is not too late to participate.

calligraphy This is a wonderful chance for the public to see the beauty of calligraphic art.  The opening will take place during Art for Art’s Sake on October 3rd & will remain on exhibit through November 6th.    We encourage members of all skill  levels to enter a piece.  The opening reception will include live music  and refreshments, so bring your family and friends!


Membership Form 2015-2016 website version-2

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2015 September Meeting

Back to Basics

September 12th at 9:30am at the East Jefferson Regional Library

(4747 W. Napolean Ave, Metairie)

We hope you will join us at our first meeting, Back to Basics, on Saturday, September 12 at 9:30am at the East Jefferson Regional Library.

NOLAA president Debbie Fleming will review Italic calligraphy and show a DVD on italic from calligrapher teacher Reggie Ezell.  Beginners, here’s your chance for a lesson in a basic calligraphy style in an informal setting. We will also explore different inks and papers. *There will be a small materials fee for non-members.

italicYou should bring: (1) Pencil, ruler, eraser (2) Paper for practicing and taking notes (3) Chisel-edge marker or Metal Nib with pen holder:  Speedball type C-1 or C-2 chisel edge and a bottle of ink  or  “Parallel” pen that uses cartridges.

*Please register on the website (members and non-members) if you plan to attend. If you have questions, you are welcome to call Debbie Fleming at (504)401-0144.

At 9:30 there will be a short business meeting, where we will provide details of our October calligraphy exhibit, which is being hosted by Mystic Blue Signs.

NOLAA Calligraphy Exhibit —  Oct3-Nov 6


calligraphyArt for Art’s Sake on Magazine Street is one of the biggest art events of the New Orleans scene. People from all over the world will see the exhibit. Please come to the opening reception Saturday, October 3 from 6 to 9pm, and bring your friends. There will be live music and refreshments.

The NOLAA show is unjuried, and we encourage calligraphers of all levels of experience to make a piece for the show. We hope all our members will participate.

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