Library ListListed Alphabetically by Author
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Obaku: Zen Painting and Calligraphy, Addiss, Stephen
The Art of Written Forms, Anderson, Donald M.
An Animated Alphabet, Angel, Marie
Painting for Calligraphers, Angel, Marie
Calligraphic Initials, Baker, Arthur
Dance of the Pen, Baker, Arthur
The Script Alphabet, Baker, Arthur
Brush Calligraphy, Baker, Arthur (Dover)
Chancery Cursive, Stoke by Stroke, Baker, Arthur (Dover)
Arthur Baker’s Historic Calligraphic Alphabets, Baker, Arthur (Dover)
New Calligraphic Ornaments and Flourishes, Baker, Arthur (Dover)
The First Writing Book, Arrighi’s Operina, Benson, John Howard
The Elements of Lettering, Benson, John Howard & Carey, Arthur Graham
Nature Printing with Herbs, Fruits and Flowers, Bethmann, Laura Donnelly
The Universal Penman, Bickham, George (Dover)
The Potter’s Craft, Binns, C. F.
Basic Colored Pencil Techniques, Borgeson, Bet
Silversmithing and Art Metal, Bovin, Murray
Visible Language, Vol. XVII No.1, 1983, Briem, Gunnlangur
The Book of Kells, Brown, Peter
Gift Wrapping, Burdett, Rosalind
The Ultimate Scrapbooking Book, Carter, Rebecca et al
The Hours of Catherine of Cleves, Catherine of Cleves
Origami Architecture, American Houses, Pre-Colonial to Present, Chatani, Masahiro
Paper Magic, Pop-up Paper Craft, Chatani, Masahiro
Pop-up Gift Cards, Chatani, Masahiro
White Christmas, Create your own Cards and Decorations, Chatani, Masahiro
Calligraphy Today, Child, Heather
The Watercolor Painter’s Pockette Palette, Clinch, Moira
Living Letters, College of Arts and Crafts, Iceland
Handmade Greeting Cards, Crawford, Maureen
Creative Colored Pencil Landscapes, Curnow, Vera
Design with Type, Dair, Carl
How to Become a Professional Calligrapher, David, Stuart
The Celtic Art Source Book, Davis, Courtney
Lettering, Degering, Hermann
Calligraphic Lettring with Wide Pen and Brush, Douglass, Ralph
Anathema, Medieval Scribes and the History of Book Curses, Drogin, Marc
Medieval Calligraphy, Its History and Technique, Drogin, Marc (Dover)
Yours Truly, King Arthur, Drogin, Marc (Dover)
Pottery for Pleasure and Profit, Eames, David
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Edwards, Betty
The 30 Minute Writer, How to Write and Sell Short Pieces, Emerson, Connie
The Speedball Handbook, 23rd Edition, Fink, Joanne & Kastin, Judy
Ready to Use Food and Drink Illustrations Clip Art, Gaber, Susan (Dover)
The Calligrapher’s Handbook, Gallery Books
Ready to Use Sale Announcements Clip Art, Gatti, Davud (Dover)
Mira Calligraphiae Monumenta, Getty Museum
Illuminated Manuscripts in the J. Paul Getty Museum, Getty Museum
Clear Cast, The Teaching & Hobby Approach to Plastic Resin, Gick, James E.
George Washington’s Rules of Civility, Glaser, Louis
Artist and Alphabet, 20th Century Calligraphy and Letter Art in America, Godine, David,Publisher
Bizarre and Ornamental Alphabets, Grafton, Carol Belanger (Dover)
Lettering as Drawing, Gray, Nicholas
Sign Painting Techniques, Gregory, Ralph
Hebrew Manuscript Painting, Gutmann,Joseph
The Calligrapher’s Project Book, Haines, Susanne
Creative Calligraphy, Halliday, Peter (Dover)
Medieval Goldsmith’s Work, Hamlyn, Paul
Van Gogh, Hammacher, A. M.
Creative Lettering, Harvey, Michael
Lettering Design, Harvey, Michael
The Notebooks of Lazarus Long, Heinlein, Robert
How to Make Christmas Ornaments, Hendricks, Harryette S.
Lettering, Hewitt, Graily
Hill’s Manual of Social and Business Forms, Hill, Thomas
Gospels and Acts, The St. John’s Bible, Jackson, Donald
The Quotable Book Lover, Jacobs, Ben
Writing, Illuminating and Lettering, Johnston, Edward
Formal Penmanship and Other Papers, Johnston, Edward
100 Keys to Great Calligraphy, Kastin, Judy
Calligraphy in the Copperplate Style, Kaufman, Herb & Homelsky, Geri (Dover)
Pointed Pen Variations, Kecsig, Mike
The Complete Book of Hand Crafted Paper, Kern, Marna Elyea
Fine Print, Volume 12 No.1, January 1986, Kirschenbaum, Sandra
Creative Cards, Kitagawa,Yoshiko
Creative Gift Packaging, Kondo, Yoko
Graphic Design Cookbook, Koren, Leonard & Meckler, R. Wippo
The Calligraphers’ Handbook, Lamb, C. M.
The Art and Craft of Handmade Books, LaPlantz, Shereen
Ready to Use News Announcements Clip Art, Larcher, Jean (Dover)
Italic Handwriting and Calligraphy for the Beginner, Lehman, Charles
Graphic Art Materials Reference Manual, Letraset
Army/Navy Surplus, A Unique Source of Decorating Ideas, Linsley, Leslie
Simple Trompe L’Oeil, MacCarthy, Mary
The Art of Lettering with the Broad Pen, Macdonald, Byron J.
Painting the Spirit of Nature, Masterfield, Maxine
An Introduction to Carrageenan and Watercolor Marbling, Maurer, Paul & Diane
The Handcrafted Letter, Maurer-Mathison, Diane
Papercraft, Maurer-Mathison, Diane V.
ABC Canada, McDougall, Lindley
Dolls’ House Furniture Book, McElroy, Joan
Calligraphy, Mediavilla, Claude
Alphabets, Mekelburg, David
Let’s Make it from Junk, Mercer, Eileen
In and Out of the Garden, Midda, Sara
The Rubber Stamp Album, Miller, Joni K. & Thompson, Lowry
Canticle of the Sun, St. Francis of Assisi, Missant, Frank
The Quotable Nature Lover, Murray, John A.
Ceramics, A Potters Handbook, Nelson, Glenn C.
Decorative Alphabets and Initials, Nesbitt, Alexander (Dover)
The History and Technique of Lettering, Nesbitt, Alexander (Dover)
The Mystic Art of Written Forms, Neugebauer, Friedrich
Electroplating and Electroforming for Artists and Craftsmen, Newman, Lee Scott
The Complete Book of Making Minatures, Newman, Thelma R. & Merrill, Virginia
The Illuminated Alphabet, Noad, Timothy & Seligman, Paticia
Calligraphy Techniques, Noble, Mary
The Calligrapher’s Companion, Noble, Mary & Mehigan, Janet
The Art of Color Calligraphy, Noble, Mary & Waddington, Adrian
The Illuminated Declaration of Independence, Notestine, Sherman Ellsworth
Leatherwork Manual, Patton, A. D.
The Anatomy of Letters, Pearce, Charles
The Calligraphy Sampler, Pearce, Charles
The Anatomy of Letters, Pearce, Charles
Two Thousand Years of Calligraphy, Pentalic/Taplinger
Cherry Blossoms, Japanese Haiku, Series III, Peter Pauper Press
Treasury of Authentic Art Nouveau Alphabets, Decorative Initials, Monograms, Frames & Ornaments, Petzendorfer, Ludwig (Dover)
Mini Series, Vol 10, People at Work, Printers Shopper
Color Choices, Making Color Sense out of Color Theory, Quiller, Stephen
Illustrators of the Eighteen Sisties, Reid, Forrest (Dover)
My Dear Runemeister, A Voyage through the Alphabet, Reynolds, Lloyd
Italic Calligraphy and Handwriting, Reynolds, Lloyd
Stoneware and Porcelain, The Art of High Fired Pottery, Rhodes, Daniel
Making Books and Journals, Richards, Constance
The Donald Rogers Illustrated Handbook of Arts and Crafts for the Elementary Teacher, Rogers, Donald
Classroom Craft Manual, Roukes, Nicholas
The 12 Days of Christmas, Sabuda, Robert
Islamic Calligrapphy, Safadi, Y. H.
Printmaking, The History and Process, Saff, Donald
Designing and Making Handwrought Jewelry, Schoenfelt, Joseph F.
Calligraphy, Schwandner, Johann Georg (Dover)
Black Letter Primer, An Introduction to Gothic Alphabets, Shaw, Paul
Calligraphy Calendar Retrospective 1971-1983, Shepherd, Margaret
Calligraphy Made Easy, Shepherd, Margaret
Calligraphy Now, New Light on Traditional Letters, Shepherd, Margaret
Learning Calligraphy, A Book of Lettering, Design and History, Shepherd, Margaret
Glyphix for Visual Journaling, Drawing out the Words Within, Shimoda, L. J. C.
Easy to Make Articulated Wooden Toys, Sibbett, Ed, Jr.
Non-Adhesive Binding, Smith, Keith
Card Crafting, Souter, Gillian
Basic Ceramics, Steinzor, Benjamin
Leatherwork Manual, Stohlman,Al
Flat Brush Writing Manual, Strom, Fran
Pointed Brush Writing Manual, Strom, Fran
Pen Calligraphy Manual, Strom, Fran
The Colored Pencil Artist’s Pocket Palette, Strother, Jane
Written Letters, Svaren, Jacqueline
Essentials of Drafting, Svensen, Carl
Paper Sculpture 2, Taniuchi, Suneo
The Complete Guide to Rubber Stamping, Taormina, Grace
The Calligraphers Engagement Calendar, 1987, Taplinger Publishing
Calendar, The Year 1983, The Printery House
The New Better Handwriting, Thomson, George
Ready to Use Office and Business Illustrations Clip Art, Tierney, Tom (Dover)
Treasury of Calligraphy, 219 Great examples, 1522-1840, Tschichold, Jan (Dover)
The Big Book of Soft Toys, Tyler, Mabs
Codices Illustres, the World’s Most Famous Illuminated Manuscripts, 400-600, Walther, Ingo F & Wolf, Norbert
Books, Boxes and Wraps, Webberly, Marilyn & Forsyth, JoAn
The Irene Wellington Copy Book, Wellington, Irene
Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green, Wilcox, Michael
Spring Lines, Contemporary Calligraphy from East and West, Wilcox, Timothy
The Encyclopedia of Calligraphy Techniques, Wilson, Hardy
Mastering Copperplate, Winters, Eleanor
The Complete Calligrapher, Wong, Frederick
A Book of Formal Scripts, Woodcock, John & Knight, Stan
Papercraft, Woods, Pamela
The Art of the Letter, Yound, Doyald
The Zanerian Manual of Alphabets and Engrossing, Zaner-Bloser, Inc.
The Elements of Lettering, *Carey, Arthur Graham & Benson, John Howard
Books, Boxes and Wraps, *Forsyth, JoAn & Webberley, Marilyn
Calligraphy in the Copperplate Style, *Homelsky, Geri & Kaufman, Herb
A Book of Formal Scripts, *Knight, Stan & Woodcock, John
Graphic Design Cookbook, *Meckler, R. Wippo & Koren, Leonard
The Calligrapher’s Companion, *Mehigan, Janet & Noble, Mary
The Illuminated Alphabet, *Seligman, Patricia & Noad, Timothy
The Rubber Stamp Album, *Thompson, Lowry & Miller, Joni K.
The Art of Color Calligraphy, *Waddington, Adrian & Noble, Mary
Codices Illustres, the World’s Most Famous Illuminated Manuscripts, 400-600, *Wolf, Norbert & Walther, Ingo F.

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