November Meeting

ENVELOPES…LET’S START! First, you draw lines…

Drawing lines! A no-brainer, you say???

Come and see several methods to make those necessary yet tedious and frustrating little devils!

Share your method and what works for you. We’ll learn then practice and then apply.

We’ll attempt some alternate ways to address those envelopes and add some zing to our holiday mail.


Who’s Who in Calligraphy presented by Debbie Fleming

“Who is Reggie Ezell”


For Scribe and Describe, bring samples of envelopes that you have previously addressed and/or decorated.


Materials list:

At least 2 sharpened pencils



Paper or pad

Monoline writing tool (Micron pen, ball point, gel, etc)

Broad edge writing tool (nibs, holder and ink or calligraphy marker or parallel pen, etc)

A couple of blank envelopes (there will be a supply of them if you don’t have any)

If you have these, please bring and we’ll share:

T-square, compass, Ames lettering guide, Phantom Liner

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