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Calligraphy Today

by Heather Child

CALLIGRAPHY TODAY is a completely revised, updated version of a classic title published over ten years ago. It is a servey of work produced by outstanding calligraphers from Britain, Europe and America, together with a brief history of calligraphy emphasizing its resurgence in this century.

Since its revival which took its impetus  from the work and teaching of Edward Johnston, calligraphy has branched out in many directions. In this edition, examples of fine lettering and writing from this period are brought together to show both the traditions and the development of this old and highly variegated craft.

The illustrations have been chosen to demonstrate the wide variety of uses to which the various ‘hand are put. Many examples are included: manuscript books, illuminated addresses, rolls of honor; also book jackets, titles, letter headings, invitation cards, book plates, greeting cards and exemplar alphabets for students. Of special interest are the works of such masters as Edward Johnston, Graily Hewitt, Rudolf Koch, Alfred Fairbank and Donald Jackson. Together they make this an invaluable collection for all those concerned with the lettering arts.

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